Shaylee - 2013 Senior

Shaylee was in one of my photo classes with me in high school, and it's so strange to think that I was done with that 2 years ago, and she is just now finishing. It feels like it's been such a long time. I'm glad she remembered me and had me take her senior portraits, because look at how beautiful she is! And she has more outfit changes than Beyonce.

This shoot was an adventure to say the least. I almost fell and died/ruined my camera (which would basically be dying), then lost a shoe in the water and hobbled around on the rocks barefoot walking like a newborn penguin, Shaylee's mom about had an ant triggered heart attack, and yet, Shaylee smiled through it all.

Shaylee, congrats on getting through high school, and photo class. I cant wait to see what kind of crazy stuff you get yourself into in college. (:


High School: an awkward time for everything...including my photos

Earlier today I took a vote on my personal instagram & facebook. The vote was between a Throwback Thursday (or #tbt, if you prefer) post from photos I took for my highschool classes, or a post for one of my last senior portrait sessions. Obviously, the Throwback won!

These photos are all from my Junior and Senior year of high school. In those two years, I was 15/16/17 years old and taking Photo I-III. The majority of my time in class was spent sitting in the darkroom listening to music or leaving my teacher weird photos of myself on photobooth or doing literally absolutely nothing. I was probably the biggest pain in the butt of a student, ever. Im so sorry Mrs. Z...
I never turned in anything on time, but that was because I never turned in anything that I wasnt proud of. And that itself, is something that I'm proud of. I cant say that these arent my best photos, and I cant say that I put my worst photos in here. Trust me, there were some bad ones. Real bad.  

If youre a young person just starting to pick up cameras, or a kid in photo class, or anyone with a passion for photography and a drive to succeed and take great photos, remember that school can teach you something, and google can teach you even more, but who you'll learn the most from will be other photographers, and no matter how bad or good you are, there is always room for improvement, and it is only up from here if you really want it to be!

I'm going to go cry myself to sleep over The Office finale.
Happy Throwback Thursday!

Check back tomorrow for that senior session!



Derek & Mia - Married 4.20.2013

Last year I photographed Derek's brother's wedding, and thats when I met Derek and Mia. I was pretty sick that day and I was hiding it to the best of my abilities. I sat down for a bit during the reception, and Derek was talking to me, and I decided that he and his brother, Brett, were the nicest men in all existence.
In the morning, I talked to Mia while all the girls were getting ready, and decided she was hilarious and weird and I totally wanted to be her friend. I had no idea they were engaged. But when I found out later on, I was like ummm.. thats the most perfect pairing of humans ever. Seriously. 

Ever since we did their engagement session last year, I had been looking forward to their wedding, suuuper impatiently.
A lot of Mia's family is from New York, so they flew out to be there for the wedding. She gave them THE MOST Hollywood time they could possibly have. The ceremony was right by Universal Studios, they had an In-N-Out food truck for the reception, and the bridesmaids were in sequin dresses. Too fabulous. I cant even handle it.

I cant think of two people more perfect for each other than Derek and Mia. You can walk into a room with them and not only can you see it, but you can feel the love between them. These two make my heart swell up real big. I'm so happy for you both, and I can't wait to see what other exciting things happen in your lives, since I have been named the official Hopkey Family Photographer! I'm so glad I'll get to stick around. Your families, your friends, and both of you are some of the most kind and lovely people I have ever met.

Congratulations to the new(est) Mr. & Mrs. Hopkey!

Stay perfect. Dont crash. (:


Bailee - 2013 Senior

I couldnt be any more in love with these. It's not possible.

Bailee and I met through a few mutual friends, and I'm actually surprised we didnt know each other before she contacted me about her senior photos because we have SO MANY of the same people in our lives. We met for coffee and found out that we are also basically the same person, which made this photo session so easy and so fun. I love this girl. She has the best kind of sense of humor (the weird kind) and she's so beautiful. Like wow Im sending all of these to Vogue youre going to be a model now okay.

To see more of Bailee's photos view her PASS gallery by clicking on the image below!

Remember to schedule your senior photos BEFORE the last week of May to have a chance at getting announcements or invites in the mail in time!

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The Boulton Family

Shaun and Stephanie are back on here, and this time, with little Drew! They wanted to do another shoot now that Drew is here, but since he's just a little guy, we shot in their home. Their home which is adorable. I want it.

I love these 4 so much, they are always so welcoming and Shaun and Stephanie just radiate love. I can't wait to watch their boys get older and cuter, and maybe see some of these photos on the walls next to the ones from our first shoot. (; 

Congratulations on your new & bigger family, Drew is just as cute as I expected him to be. 

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